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Free paper toys and 3d models to download and print.  Paper toys are the latest trend in designer art toys, so get those scissors and tape ready! Hint: printing on thick paper or cardstock makes paper toys easier to work with and last longer.



5 berry white noise  free designer paper toy goodness! Huge selection of pop culture icons.  Our favorite easy toys: Game Boy, R2-D2, Pokeball, Mario Bros. Super Mushroom, Puffer Fish, Bloo, Kirby, Waddle Dee, Companion Cube, Brick Block. Each toy is rated 1-5 scissors for difficulty.

Paper Foldables

5 berry white noise Beautiful free original paper toys by Bryan. Love the skinny jeans hipster toy. Right click and save .pdf links to your hard drive. Print, cut, fold, and tape.

3-Eyed Bear

5 berry white noise A collection of cute, hip, and well designed paper toys from Dutch artist Maartin Janssens.

Swine Flu Paper Toy

5 berry white noise Imagine how a simple free paper toy can reinforce a timely lesson in hygiene.

Vehicles and Buildings Paper Toys

5 berry white noise Great collection of free paper toy cars, vehicles, buildings, and monuments. School bus, HummerElectric Car, Ferrari, The White House, and Statue of Liberty are some good easy ones.


Snake Mobile

5 berry white noise A spiral snake mobile to download, print, color and cut.  Free from the San Diego, where you can find lots of fancier free paper crafts projects about animals for kids too. Cut and Color

5 berry white noisePrint cat, dog, pig, and butterfly masks from your web browser to color and cut-out.  The mask of the Roman god Janus is especially strange and good.

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