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Let's face it, at this stage, you're mainly looking for something that stops that little baby from crying without frying his brain...or yours. We've scoured the web, and these are the best of the best.

Peek-A-Boo! Game

4 berry toddler gameBright animals pop-up and peek-a-boo sounds play when keys are hit in this game. We recommend the Rainforest version too.


5 berry toddler gameThis abstract web toy is not designed specifically for babies, but it makes ours laugh like crazy. Each letter key pressed yields a different reward.


5 berry toddler gameClick on the mushroom characters to explore a collection of simple, unique, and beautifully designed mouse-only games for preschoolers, all set to soothing, enchanting music.

Knee Bouncers

4 berry toddler gameA collection of cute, simple, little flash games. It's a pay site, but has a rotating selection of free games. Well designed for random key punching.

Night Animals

A Babygamer OriginalA Babygamer original. An online 'board' book and guessing game. Listen to the animal sound and see the eyes. Click the button to see the hidden nocturnal animal.

El Buho Boo

3 berry toddler game A nice little site with simple key-pressing and mouse-moving games made by Argentinian parents for their baby. We especially liked 'Shells,' 'Hummingbird,' and 'Kids.'

Boohbahs Dance

4 berry toddler gameUse a control panel to adjust the mix of a silly music loop. Choose dance moves for the hypnotic Boohbah characters from PBS kids.

Boohbah Patterns

3 berry toddler gameUse Click the Boohbah characters to make play with a a variety of patterns making funny sounds, movements, and color changes.

Baby Animal Photos

4 berry toddler gameA large collection of baby animal photos at Baby Simple and fun.

Monkey Music

3 berry toddler gameMove your monkey/mouse over the shapes to play with different musical riffs.

BabyFirstTV Nursery

3 berry toddler gameA small collection of free, space-bar-only games for babies here within a larger subscription-based site. Our favorites are Bonnie in the sky and Night night cradle penguin.


3 berry toddler gameWe kinda just like staring at these ants. They move when you mouse-over/click them. That's all.

Fireworks Spectacular

3 berry toddler gameFireworks with music by Watch the sample show for a quick fix or create your own show using a timeline.

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