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We've spent many hours sorting through the mixed bag which is the world of free iphone apps. Here are our reviews of the best free iphone and ipod touch apps for your toddler or preschooler.

We think a good free toddler mobile app is one that is engaging, one that your toddler can play by themselves, one that is complete enough to have fun with, not just a useless preview version, one that is either not annoying to listen to, or has mutable music or sounds, and finally one where any ads or in-app purchase links are non-intrusive and don't disrupt play.


Alphabet Zoo

4 berry toddler appA simple and solid basic ABC app. Press letters to hear their names, press thrice and see the animal.


iWriteWords Lite

3 berry toddler appVery well designed app for learning to write. Only drawback is lack of content. Write numbers 1-10, 3 upper case words, and 3 lower case letters.

ABC Letter Tracing

3 berry toddler appNice graphics, trace the complete A-Z Alphabet in upper and lowercase, hear their names, but no verification method to make sure they are written correctly.


newNight Animals Sounds

A Babygamer OriginalWild animal eyes stare from the dark, a mysterious animal noise plays. What is it? Tap the screen and the lights come on to reveal what kind of nocturnal animal is making the noise.

I Hear Ewe

3 berry toddler appVery basic. Click the pictures to hear animal and vehicle sounds. Verbal descriptions in four languages, or better yet, turn them off.


newBubbleHeadPop Free

A Babygamer OriginalA Babygamer original. This little guy has a bubble for a head. Pop it and watch another bubble head grow. Good simple fun.

Bubble Magic

4 berry toddler appBeautiful iridescent bubbles and a background you can change to any of your own photos. Press little bubble icon to create bubbles or just blow into microphone. Without the annoying gurgling noise it would be perfect.

Fun Bubbles Lite

4 berry toddler appSimple bubble popper with good features. Touch to create bubbles, then pop them. The longer you touch, the bigger the bubbles grow.

Nora's Bubbles

3 berry toddler appNice basic, no frills bubble popper with no ads. Bubbles appear, pop them all, they reappear. Our toddler loves it.

Bubble snap

4 berry toddler appThe best free bubble wrap app we've found. 3 different sizes. Dragging your finger pops them too. Simple fun. No ads.

Bubble Wrap Free

3 berry toddler appDescent free bubble wrap app. Dragging finger moves position on wrap instead of popping. Pinch to zoom bubble size.


Shapes Toddler Preschool

3 berry toddler appSimple shapes quiz game. Correct answers get a "sticker" reward to put on your sticker page. Also has shapes flashcards and a couple other simple shapes games. English, Spanish or French language.


newToca Kitchen Monsters

5 berry toddler appThis great little kitchen game is designed for free-form play. Choose food...cook it if you want...Feed the monsters. Just awesome. We highly recommend Toca Birthday Party and Toca Tea Party (iPad only) too. Not free, but one two of our favorite food games yet.


Shape Builder Lite

5 berry toddler appSimple and good. Shapes snap into place automatically (drag only, not drag and drop), which helps a lot. new puzzles load automatically. No annoying music.

Shape Puzzle Lite

5 berry toddler app6 scenes, with several puzzles. Nice graphics, sounds. 4 different languages.

Whimsy Lite

5 berry toddler app12 animal puzzles of 4 to 8 pieces each. Interesting style, puzzles are sillouettes which become photos when complete

Shape Puzzle Free

4 berry toddler app15 7-piece animal puzzles in one jungle scene. Good and free.

Lola's Beach Puzzle Lite

4 berry toddler appTalking Panda character guides you in this beach scene with 10 6-piece puzzles.

Wood Puzzle Lite

3 berry toddler app3 cute wood-style puzzles, low score here is just because of low puzzle quantity. very nice graphics. annoying background music can be turned off. English or Spanish.


Beary Happi: Lovable Friend

4 berry toddler appA magnified teddy bear face with a number of toddler games to play: expressions, feeding time, peek-a-boo, rattle, and tell the Goldilocks story. Choose "toddler mode" to lock the menu and make it automatically cycle between games.

Toca Kitchen Monsters

5 berry toddler appThis little kitchen game is designed for free-form play. Choose food...cook it if you want...Feed the monsters. Just awesome.


newToca Doctor Lite

5 berry toddler appFive cute, quirky, funny body/doctor themed mini-games in this Lite version of Toca Doctor. Another quality toddler app from Toca Boca with very cute artwork.


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BubbleHeadPop, a original app