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These are some of our favorite online stories and storybooks for toddlers and kids.


Children's Books Online: the Rosetta Project

5 berry online storybookGreat collection of antique children's storybooks, scanned for reading online by the all-volunteer Rosetta Project.  Indexed by age/reading level.  Many storybooks have multiple language online audio versions too, so you can hear them read to you.

Star in a Disney Storybook

4 berry storybookEnter your child's name and other info to read online or print a free personalized Disney storybook. Choose Goofy's Carnival, Cinderella's Slumber Party The Incredibles: Dash to (Child name)'s birthday, Nemo's Escape, Toy Story, or Lilo and Stitch.

Where's Max?

4 berry toddler gameHide-and-Seek Story featuring the funny little Max the Rabbit from Nick Jr.

Dora the Explorer: Little Star's Wish

4 berry toddler gameNarrated story about what the evening star's wish.

Rumble Grumble Gurgle Roar

3 berry toddler gameStory about a hungry penguin. Narrated by Whoopi Goldberg. 

Morris' Special Day (bilingual)

2 berry toddler gameNarrated story in English about a boy looking for his pet mouse - teaches lots of animal names in English and Spanish.  Spanish version too.

Clyde's Smile

2 berry toddler gameNarrated storybook about a crocodile's search for his missing tooth.  Spanish version too.

Five Little Babies

3 berry toddler gameNarrated story about babies in a crib. It's simple, but a bit hit around here.   Spanish version too.

Time to Fight a Fire

4 berry toddler gameFirefighter story with song, sirens and dalmatian.

The Barnyard Chorus

1 berry toddler gameThe end of this short story is the payoff, where cat, dog and cow join in to sing  "Twinkle, twinkle"  Spanish version too.

Engine Nine, Party Line

2 berry toddler gameNarrated story about train which stops to pick up various animals. 

Night Animals

A Babygamer OriginalA Babygamer original. An online 'board' book. Listen to the animal sound and see the eyes. Click the button to see the hidden nocturnal animal.

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